Redesign of a luxurious flagship shoe store in the legendary Steffl department store in downtown Vienna.
The architecture reflects the identity of the newly created luxury shoe business "The 6th Floor", which aims to become the main destination for luxury brand shoes in Vienna. Surprising highlight of the store is the golden "vault": placed in the center of the shop, the "gilded" shelf displays the shoe-treasures the store has to offer. Three differently designed sale-areas highlight different visitor groups and provide individual, intimate and atmospheric areas, despite the generous space. From the cool silver and gold toned women's section, the dark wood accentuated men's section, to the sporty-hip sneaker area. The Flaneur through the Steffl-Shoe-Store will be accompanied by a significant, meandering ceiling panel that combines the different areas with each other.



August 2010


Kaufhaus Steffl Betriebs AG

BWM team

Peter Foschi, Samina Gheorghe, Maik Perfahl, Elena Romagnoli, Simon Schneider, Sanja Utech, Astrid Damian


Store construction: Schweitzer Project AG/SPA

Service engineering: PME Techn. Büro f. Klimatechnik GesmbH

Grafics: Perndl+Co

Photo credits: Thomas Schauer