New concept for the shops of Austria’s largest and most traditional bakery chain, with some 170 shops in and around Vienna. The architect’s task is based on a redefinition of the brand and new, younger target group. At the same time, however, the brand’s heritage and its historic roots in imperial-royal Austria should not be forgotten.

The shop is divided into two areas, each with a distinct character. Dark colours are used for the customer area and café, giving it a warm, cosy atmosphere; the white tiles of the bakery area, on the other hand, convey the clean, dynamic atmosphere of a traditional bakery.

The materials and colours put the products in the centre of attention and give the shops an authentic, vibrant atmosphere that communicates both freshness and quality. Not only the design – e.g. materials and colours – but also appropriate visual merchandising and the restructuring of the processes in the bakery highlight the values of the Ankerbrot brand.



January 2006


Ankerbrot AG

BWM team

Gabriele Bruner, Samina Gheorghe