Implementation of a new museum building as an underground extension of the existing Lapidarium as well as rearrangement of the Joanneum archaeological collection. The different zones of the two-aisled exhibition hall, centrally lit from above, are defined by different floor levels. Concrete walls and floors provide a subtle background for the small-scale exhibits presented in highly transparent glass cases floating in space. Architecture and display are combined to create a contemporary and elegant space complex radiating lightness and brightness.



September 2009


Landesmuseum Joanneum GmbH

BWM team

Markus Kaplan, Christoph Panzer, Michal Jiskra


Curators: Museum‘s staff
Lighting designer: Vedder Lichtplanung
Graphic: Lichtwitz
Extension of the Lapidarium: PURPUR Architektur
Outbuilding: PURPUR Architektur
Construction supervision: Thomas Baumegger
Building physics: Dr. Pfeiler GmbH
HVAC: TecMan Haustechnik GmbH
Statics: Petschnigg, Zeichenbüro
Photo credits: Paul Ott, Rupert Steiner