Rearranging the coin collection of the Landesmuseum Joanneum. Development of the storyline together with the curator and exhibition design: The genius loci of Eggenberg Castle – the first owners were Mint Masters of Styria – provides the thematic framework of the exhibition. The dark coloring of the exhibition architecture sets off the shiny gold and silver of the coins. White prints on Eternit wall panels refer to the representation methods of coins. One central element is the showcase displaying the treasures of the collection. A computerized magnifying tool has been developed combining the stimulus of a magnifying glass with modern information technology and seducing the visitor to examine the objects.



October 2007


Landesmuseum Joanneum GmbH

BWM team

Roland Graf, Judith Moser, Gabriele Bruner


Curator: Karl Peitler

Graphics: Kadadesign

HVAC: TecMan Haustechnik GmbH

Photographer: Karl Peitler / Joanneum