On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the ACA, an exhibition in the colonnaded hall of the Austrian Parliament will highlight the history and the activities of the ACA. Ten box-like pillars are placed in the pink-tinged marble peristyle. Large black numbers from 0 through 9 give the narrative structure and indicate the way through the exhibition. A special focus is placed on young visitors, with the aim of awakening their interest by means of a large number of interactive tools.



October 2011


Rechnungshof Wien

BWM team

Christoph Panzer, Gerhard Girsch


Curator: Rechnungshof, Mag. Armin Laussegger, MAS

Exhibition construction: ARTEX Art Services GmbH

Art- and exhibition logistics: Kunsttrans Spedition GmbH

Graphics: Rechnungshof

Photographer: Christoph Panzer