Design of the exhibition on the Viennese photographer Barbara Pflaum (1912-2002) within the halls of the Wien Museum for temporary exhibitions. Pflaum’s career dates back to the heyday of photojournalism of the 1950s and 60s. As a photographer of the weekly press the First Lady of press photography created icons of the Second Repubic: the Kennedys in front of St. Stephen’s cathedral, Helmut Qualtinger as „Herr Karl“, Maria Callas at the Hotel Sacher. The Wien Museum presents Pflaum’s first large retrospective. The essence from her work – approx. 300 photographies – is a significant illustrated chronicle of the Second Republic.



November 2006


Museen der Stadt Wien

BWM team

Roland Graf, Ulrike Langer


Graphics: Fuhrer Visuelle Gestaltung OEG

Curator: Susanne Winkler, Christiane Strahner, Gerald Piffl

Photographer: Hertha Hurnaus