Conversion and redesign of an existing BAWAG bank branch in Vienna’s noble district Hietzing. The concept by BWM – clearness and transparency - underlines the new positioning of the bank as a place of competent work. In memory of the former famous coffee house that stood on this spot, the 70s façade was opened along the height of the basement. A glass skin covers the structure. Its rounded surface accentuates the beginning of the street and combined with the decor of the turn- of-the -century building an elegant unit is created. Inside the building the colour white combined with glass dominates and is complemented by sparingly inserted birch wood furniture referring to the former CI of BAWAG.



August 2007



BWM team

Amin Abdel-Kader, Samina Azhar, Wolfgang Leitgeb


Photographer: Rupert Steiner

Statics: RWT Dr. Woschitz
HVAC: Introplan GmbH
Construction supervision: B & C Construction Ges.n.b.R
Graphics: Architekturgrafik