Planning for a restaurant in the historical castle Burg Forchtenstein; choice of surface materials and furnishings.

The majestic Burg Forchtenstein is the seat of the Esterházy family near Mattersburg in the Austrian Federal State of Burgenland. The new Café Grenadier in the central area of the castle is a restaurant for day visitors and a venue for events, with rooms available for seminars and meetings. The restaurant area is directly adjacent to the castle walls. The interior design cites elements of the historical castle such as oak parquet, masonry and riveted iron fittings and marries these with modern architecture. The result is a design that is both timeless and effortless.



June 2015


Burg Forchtenstein Betriebs GmbH

BWM team

Birgit Eschenlor, Angela Aschauer, Kathrin Baumgartner, Marlene Gesierich, Massimiliano Marian


In Cooperation with Lindner Architektur ZT GmbH

Baysics Consulting und Management GmbH
Fourth minute lighting design

Photographer: Paul Szimak