Conversion of a Gründerzeit house and addition of storeys: planning, submission to competition, final planning, application for building permission, invitation to tender, site supervision.

This representative building in Gußhausstraße, which was built as a middle-class residential house in 1903 by the renowned Viennese architect Julius Goldschläger, has a highly sculptural facade. Its unusual mansard roof – which is atypical for Vienna but in agreement with the adjacent buildings – was replaced by a flat top floor in 1957, from which point onwards the building housed offices. BWM Architekten were invited to take part in and won the architecture competition for the overall conversion of the building, with a concept for the added storeys that is based on the original roof. After its renovation the building will again house flats, which will be accessed via a spacious foyer.



January 2015



BWM team

Michal Jiskra, Durdica Glavina, Gerhard Girsch


Photographer: Christoph Panzer

Project partners
Site supervision: Bubel Eichhorn
Project management: Tilz & Partner Bauconsult GmbH
Test engineer: Thomas Lorenz ZT GmbH
Interior Design rooftop apartements: Arkan Zeytinoglu