Erection of a two-story roof structure on top of a Gründerzeit town house near Arenbergpark in Vienna. In the course of the expansion, five rental apartments in maisonette style were created. A narrow, all-round terrace is integrated into the first rooftop floor, which is slightly set back, and the design of the safety wall is based on the idea of a latticed balustrade. The glass rotunda in the corner position of the building is reminiscent of an oversized lunette and follows the movement of the roof slope, and the other windows are also integrated into the slanting roof. From a distance, the rooftop alteration is barely discernable; the new structure blends in well with the overall historic character of Dapontegasse.



June 2013


Amisola Immobilien AG

BWM team

Christian Burggraf, Heide Schicht


Photos: syntax architektur

arge partner: syntax architektur zt gmbh

On-site construction supervision: Bubel Eichhorn Architekten
Statics: KS Ingenieure ZT GmbH
Light planning: Helmut Willtschko GmbH
Electrical planning: TB Freunschlag GmbH