The architectural design of the Architekturzentrum Wien’s first comprehensive collection exhibition (Title: Az W Gold. The Collection) was based on the idea of archives and shelves, and put the spotlight on two of the Az W’s major fields of activity: the collecting and structuring of the architectural legacy. A wall positioned centrally on the longitudinal axis fulfilled two main functions: presenting the archiving work of the Az W on the one side, and displaying unique original exhibits on the other. This created a user interface that illustrated the process of working with this “treasure”.

The heavy-duty shelf was the central tool of the exhibition design. The fact that it could be further used in the archives after the end of the exhibition was a welcome synergy effect. The Az W archives include more than 50 donations and bequests from architects working in Austria and abroad, including plans, models and drawings that have been collected and researched since its foundation in 1993.



March 2013


Architekturzentrum Wien

BWM team

Sanja Utech, Peter Foschi, Massimiliano Marian


Curators Az W
Sonja Pisarik, Monika Platzer, Katrin Stingl, Ute Waditschadka

Graphic Design
Perndl + Co

Christoph Panzer