This publication, initiated by Erich Bernhard, follows the evolution of the family-owned Heuriger (tavern) into one of Vienna’s largest entertainment venues. The so-called Grand Etablissement Gschwandner, founded in 1838 in the Hernals district, became a hotspot of 19th century suburban Vienna. This book shines a light on the specific role of the Gschwandner as a typical Viennese entertainment venue from various perspectives. Countless historic and contemporary photographs illustrate life in the Gschwandner.

Erich Bernard, Astrid Göttche, Elke Krasny, Barbara Mahlknecht, Siegfried Mattl, Wolfgang H Salcher, Werner Michael Schwarz

Year of publication: 2012
Publisher: Metroverlag, Vienna
ISBN: 978-3-99300-081-3



February 2012


Metroverlag 2012

BWM team

Erich Bernard, Diana Köhle


Fotos: Wolfgang Thaler