Whereas the Attersee region started to develop after the rise of bourgeoisie, from the early 19th century on the Traunsee region mainly owes the emergence of a summer society to members of the Austrian and international aristocracy, thus following a trend set by the Imperial House. The picturesque landscape of the Traunsee offered the perfect setting for summer life. How did aristocracy, merchant families and artists spend their summers in Gmunden, Altmünster, Traunkirchen and Ebensee, whose different societies took care to set themselves apart from each other? What brought the Ringstraßen architecture to the Traunsee? What kind of leisure culture brought the summer society together?

The book reviews the myths of summer life from the early beginning in 1800 up to now.



July 2012


Brandstätter Verlag

BWM team

Erich Bernard
Elisabeth Zimmermann


Barbara Rosenegger-Bernard
Markus Spiegelfeld
Patricia Spiegelfeld

Fotograf: Gerhard Trumler