Interior design of a traditional Viennese jeweller: shop, workshop and customer area on the 1st floor.

A.E. Köchert, a traditional Viennese jeweller’s shop that has been in the family for generations, has undergone a subtle redesign, inspired by the theme of timelessness. Antique elements from this prime jeweller’s 150-year-old workshop have been given a new lease on life. Precious materials such as satin and bronze supplement the original décor. Showcases suspended from the ceiling, as well as the lighting and textile seating areas reflect the elegance of the typical “Wiener Salon” of the fin de siècle, while offering the highest standard of comfort for the 21st century. Sophisticated shades of grey unify the shop to form a new architectural entity. The targeted interventions ensure that the special atmosphere of this heritage-protected shop, which was originally planned by Theophil Hansen, is preserved.



September 2015


A.E. Köchert Juweliere GmbH

BWM team

Birgit Eschenlor, Katrin Maria Stefanzl

Photographer: © Christoph Panzer