Repositioning in terms of design, design, final planning and renovation of the entire complex of Hotel ENTNERs am See in Pertisau, Achensee/Tyrol; “Seediele”: only up to preliminary design

In a process comparable to open heart surgery, the ENTNERs am See hotel’s various areas will be renovated step by step over the next few years without any interruptions in business. The new concept aims to create a house full of favourite spots that represent different interior styles with their own unique atmospheres, while always offering cosy places of retreat. The first stage of the renovation was completed in 2018. This so-called “Seediele” is an extended area of approx. 480m2 adjacent to the lobby with the library and community bar. The colours of the Achensee are reflected in the green-blue carpets, and softly flowing curtains can be used to divide the event venue into smaller units.



December 2018


Entners KG

BWM team

Markus Flägner, Aleš Košak, Nadine Elisabeth Albenberger


moodley brand identity gmbh
Wetscher GmbH Einrichtungs- und Planungshaus

Photos: © ENTNERS am See