Design (preliminary design up to and including final planning; artistic supervision) of the staff restaurant in Erste Campus at Vienna’s main train station.

The glazed façade of the staff canteen opens up like a display cabinet to offer a view over the surrounding Belvedere and Schweizergarten parks. The idea of “dining in the park” also forms the basis for the restaurant’s interior: Shades of light green dominate the furniture, and the specially created parquet flooring has a mottled appearance reminiscent of the play of light and shade under trees in the summertime.



February 2016


Erste Campus Immobilien GmbH & Co KG

BWM team

Markus Flägner, Marlene Gesierich, Heike Dralle, Massimiliano Marian, Durdica Glavina


Architecture Erste Campus: henke und schreieck Architekten
Landscape planning: Auböck & Karasz

Service engineering: Altherm Engineering GmbH
Electrical planning: Altherm Engineering GmbH
Light planning: Conceptlicht
Photos: © Wolf Silveri