As one of the few preserved suburban entertainment venues of the 19th century the Etablissement Gschwandner is a place of great cultural and historical importance. Hidden behind building blocks of the late nineteenth century where the typical suburban Viennese “Heuriger” and elegant, urban ballrooms were combined to form a new kind of entertainment venue the Gschwandner remained as a part of “Old Vienna”. It reflects the transformation of Hernals from a village within the vineyards into a municipal district and the transformation of Vienna from a medieval town into a metropolis. This signal of the past actually is to be seen only as a “station of a permanent changing process” that is inevitable and also necessary for venues like the Gschwandner to live on and not to turn into nostalgic relics. If we want to give this remnant of “Old Vienna” a future, the reanimation of the Gschwandner is to combine the production of the New with the perception and preservation of the Old, thus continuing the vital changing process with today’s means and ambitions.



December 2013


Dr. Jelitzka + Partner Immobilien


Photographer: Carl Anders Nilsson