“Das Genussregal” is an oversized wine rack of relishes. This rack is 60 m long and 12 m high along the road and is the new landmark that attracts attention. The rack is filled with overseas containers. Their labelings and paintings refer to products delivered from all over Styria.

BWM developed the contents as well as the concept for „The taste of Styria“ exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the tasting of the regional products. Various types of information transmission about the specific products, producers and the local Styrian environment is available to the visitors in an interactive and entertaining form. Several different approaches of knowledge transfer have been combined to create a new form of exhibition.




May 2011


Vinofaktur Handel GmbH


Project control exhibition: Katharina Fröch

Controlling: Massabni Architecture

Graphics: Kadadesign

Painted map: Perfect World

Concept participations: Lukas Sturm, Ingrid Holzschuh, Clemens Foschi;

Exhibition script/text: Clemens Foschi, Ute Woltron, Florian Holzer, Henry Sams;

Audio/Video: Martina Aichhorn, Gerhard Lenz, Skero, Christian Lerch, Peter Waldenberger, Marlene Schnedl, Philip Scheiner;

Photographer: Motionlab & Rupert Steiner