Refurbishment of a business hotel with 400 rooms and 23 conference rooms in Prague; lobby with work areas and a bar, restaurants, rooms and seminar rooms

As one of the flagships of Prague’s international hotel industry, Hotel Diplomat requires a delicate approach to its refurbishment, and not only because it is one of the largest hotels in the Czech Republic. Many details and references evoke the atmosphere of this former diplomats’ accommodation: robust materials, contoured surfaces and dark colours interrupted by lighter nuances are combined with opulent, premium materials. The earnest world of diplomacy is given a contemporary interpretation with a playful twist.



March 2019


Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG

BWM team

Markus Flägner, Katrin Stefanzl, Ismail Berkel, Elisabeth Albenberger, Elisabeth Morillo-Napetschnig, Marlene Gesierich


General contractor: Riedl, Messe-/Laden & Objektbau, Germany

Photos © Vienna House Diplomat Prague