The original six-floor building, with its rational, unfussy design, was erected in 1969. It was initially used as office space by UNIDO, and later as a student residence. Since its extensive renovation, it has been run as a hotel by 25hours Hotel Company. In 2011, in the first building phase, BWM Architekten topped the building with a three-story glass cube, which houses 35 individually furnished apartments and an exclusive bar. In 2013, after the second building phase, the rest of the building was handed over to the hotel company. The new anthracite-colored, washed concrete façade gives the hotel ensemble a contemporary look and makes it stand out in its urban surroundings.




April 2013


LF 1-3 Immobilienentwicklung und -verwertung GmbH

BWM team

Markus Kaplan, Nicoletta Krudl, Harald Ofner, Alexandra Stage, Hubert Meyer


Photos: Rupert Steiner, 25hours

Project controlling: c-performance
Construction management
Interior design: dreimeta
Statics: Aste Weissteiner ZT GmbH
Domestic engineering: PME Technisches Büro
Construction physics: Raab-Engeneering GmbH
On-site construction supervision: BWM, Bubel Eichhorn, Pawlik Cons. GmbH