Task: Renovation of a business hotel in Ljubljana; design concept for all common areas and the rooms. Redesign and redefinition of the lobby and mezzanine with a café and bakery that are open to the public as well as conference rooms.

Renovation and refurbishment of a late modernist 13-storey high-rise building just outside the centre of Ljubljana. The hotel dates back to Slovenia’s socialist era and is now mainly used for business meetings. It is undergoing a complete refurbishment: floor-by-floor renovation of the rooms, restructuring of the ground floor with a new, extended lobby, creation of conference rooms and dining areas. A café with an integrated bakery opens onto a street-side terrace. The newly created dining areas are open to the public, making the hotel an attractive, vibrant meeting place.



May 2018


Union Hoteli

BWM team

Aleš Košak, Katharina Sickha, Ismail Berkel

Images: Janez Marolt


Spela Leskovic (AKSL arhitekti d.o.o., Ljubljana)
Final planning: Genius Loci d.o.o. Ljubljana
Artistic supervision: BWM Architekten