The new Topazz design hotel can be likened to a glistening, dark-colored gemstone. Its brown mosaic façade, which absorbs and reflects the natural light, ensures that this building – on one of Vienna’s smallest building sites – is a real eye-catcher. The design is characterized by striking elliptical window openings that jut out slightly. This unconventional, distinctive treatment of the façade gives this round-cornered building a sense of weightlessness and elegance as well as an unusually physical presence within the fabric of Vienna’s historical architecture.

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April 2012


Lenikus GmbH

BWM team

Ferdinand Bischofter, Alexandra Stage, Judith Moser, Peter Foschi, Hubert Meyer, Egon Niedertscheider


Architecture: BWM Architekten und Michael Manzenreiter Architecture
Building concept: BWM Architekten und Partner
Interior design: DI Michael Manzenreiter