Design of a premium John Harris Fitness club: room layouts, colour and materials concept, furnishings, light design, décor and surfaces.

Following a fire that destroyed the historical building in 2001, the Sophiensäle were fully renovated and given a new lease on life. The building now also houses a modern John Harris fitness centre spanning a floor area of 1550m2, complete with the established JH corporate design.

The interior design draws on the history of the original entertainment location, with heavy, red curtains, glamorous lighting in the mirrors and stucco conjuring an atmosphere of old-time vaudeville. The spacious training areas are both fresh and elegant, while exuding calm and harmony.



February 2015


John Harris Fitness GmbH

BWM team

Birgit Eschenlor, Katrin Stefanzl, Judith Moser-Harnoncourt


Photographer: Christoph Panzer

Lighting design: Designbüro Christian Ploderer, Wien