Total redevelopment und conversion of a former public swimming pool from the late 1980ies into a fitness center. BWM aimed at keeping the concise structure of the former Margaretenbad that was converted into a „Caribbean oasis“ in 1989. Like shiny slabs the new façade covers the monolithic reinforced concrete construction.

Shaped as a funnel the entrance area continues to the street, reaches a glass wall pushing through the façade as an interface between the interior and the exterior. The interior becomes a unit by a monochromatic surface: A glossy pearlescent paint makes the main hall shine. The indoor pool area is covered by a gold colour tone, while the dark floor creates a feeling of intimacy.





March 2006


John Harris Fitness GmbH

BWM team

Charlotte Schülke, Rita Guggenberger, Amin Abdel-Kader, Wolfgang Leitgeb, Judith Moser


Photographers: Florian Dalik, Rupert Steiner

Construction documentation: Straka
Statics: DI Jörg Gritsch
HVAC: Elkatec
Lighting design: Erco Leuchten GmbH
Graphics: Hostalek und Kienesberger