Design of a premium John Harris Fitness club: room layout, colour and material concept, furnishing, lighting, décor and surfaces.

This premium John Harris Fitness club is located in what is currently Vienna’s tallest building, the new DC Tower by Dominique Perrault. BWM Architects were responsible for the entire interior design and their “Orient” concept was inspired by the ornamental details on the building’s façade. The gym’s opulent colour scheme, which is based on the John Harris corporate design, makes it gleam like a dark gem. The spacious training areas exude freshness and elegance, as well as stillness and harmony. Thanks to its prominent location and, in large part, floor-to-ceiling glazing, the club offers a panoramic view across the Danube River.



March 2014


John Harris Fitness GmbH

BWM team

Rita Guggenberger, Jörg Gottschalk, Ingrid Schmid, Katrin Stefanzl


Photographer: Christoph Panzer

Light planning: Designbüro Christian Ploderer, Vienna