Preliminary design; design of a new John Harris Fitness Centre in The Icon complex at Vienna’s main train station on two storeys, total area 2255m2

The new John Harris Fitness Club, the seventh designed by BWM Architekten, is directly accessible from Vienna’s main railway station. This premium fitness centre is spread across two storeys and arranged around a core with elevators and connecting staircases. This central structure is defined as the “golden mean” in the interior design, around which the training areas, changing rooms and an elegant wellness area are arranged. The design theme of “Industrial Elegance” is expressed in the raw concrete look of the building. Metal parts and cables running visibly across the ceiling are the industrial elements, while the elegance is reflected in the furniture. A tough shell with a golden heart!



January 2019


John Harris Fitness GmbH

BWM team

Markus Flägner, Pia Temt, Magdalena Geppel, Greta Moso


HNP Architects ZT GmbH
ab-concept GmbH
Site supervision: Tecno Office Consult
Lighting planning: Klaus Pokorny
Lamps: Megumi Ito