Refurbishment of the existing fitness center at Vienna’s City Center. The room structure of several floors of a 1890’s building had to be mainly left in its original state. A centrally located information furniture serves as a distributor within the workout areas. A graphic signage showing silhouettes of people during training in corporate red on the exterior as well as on the façade offers orientation. The consistent use of white and glossy mosaic tiles and smoothly rounded shapes reflecting the colourful light gives the wellness area including the indoor pool an air of decent elegance.



September 2013


John Harris Fitness GmbH


Fotograf: Christoph Panzer

Generalplaner: Holzbauer & Partner
Lichtplanung: Designbüro Christian Ploderer, Wien
Möbeltischler: Kirchberger Tischlerei, Linz, Steininger.designers, St. Martin/Mühlkreis, Team Möbel, Rohrbach/L.
Wiener Stuckmanufaktur, Wien
Schlosserarbeiten: Piribauer KG, Neudörfl
Produktion Lichtobjekte: Light-Tech, Ilz

BWM Team

Rita Guggenberger, Katrin Stefanzl, Judith Moser, Gabriele Bruner, Samina Azhar, Robert Charuza, Bettina Kolar, Robert Mago, Harald Ofner, Astrid Damian