Design concept and implementation of a fast food restaurant for a shopping mall. The wide and open entrance of KFC within the Donau Plex creates a smooth transition from the „public“ zone to the restaurant. The front part of the t-shaped public areas offers various seat qualities in the American diner-style. In the rear part of the restaurant the space with a glazed façade extends towards the Wagramer Straße offering informal seating niches. Ceiling panels additionally subdivide the restaurant predominantly designed in natural colours making their way through the space and creating cosy zones within this spacious and bright atmosphere.



October 2007


Queensway Restaurant GmbH

BWM team

Amin Abdel-Kader, Markus Kaplan


Photographer: Florian Dalik

Construction supervision: B & C Construction Ges.n.b.R
HVAC: Stolz Markus GmbH & Co KG
Graphics: Martina Gaigg