This subsidised residential building was built on an undeveloped plot in the Ottakring district of Vienna. It was designed in an L-shape and arranged around an inner courtyard. The main objective was to create affordable housing for families and singles. The 20 units are very diverse, varying between 39 m2 and 79 m2 in size and two to four rooms. Some of the flats go all the way back from Kreitnergasse to the courtyard and have their own generous terraces or 2.5 m deep balconies out back. The motley collection of protruding elements such as bay windows, balconies and spiral staircases give the back façade an unusual, dynamic look.



October 2012


IFA Institut für Anlageberatung AG

BWM team

Markus Kaplan, Andreas Votzi, András Klopfer


Statics & buliding physics: DI Gerhard Hejkrlik Ziviltechniker GmbH

Service engineering: PME Technisches Büro für Klimatechnik GesmbH

Photo credits: Christoph Panzer