New design for the NFIVE concept store in Vienna’s Neubau district by BWM Architekten.
Feasibility study on extension + refurbishment concept for NFIVE concept store

Back in 2009 BWM Architekten gave the popular concept store in Neubaugasse its rough look. Now, ten years down the line, it was time for a touch-up or, as BWM architect Erich Bernard puts it, for a “metamorphosis of the space”. Different haptic states of the colour white play a central role in the new design: whether rough, smooth or silky, shades of white overlay various materials such as curtains, plaster and ceramic. Attention is also paid to keeping traces of the existing design, which is by no means completely erased; rather, the space as a whole continues to develop in a process of metamorphosis. Light-coloured wood is a complementary element that provides the necessary warmth and cosiness. Light is also an essential aspect of the concept: lines of light react to, break or reinforce the architectural contours of the space and give the store its unique character.
Erich Bernard, BWM founder and CEO: “The Turek family and I share a long-standing, successful relationship that has endured more than two decades. I am delighted that we can now be a part of taking NFIVE to the next level.”



August 2019


Herbert Turek

BWM team

Rita Guggenberger, Eleni Nagl, Sanja Piro, Kinga Baluch


Licht: Pokorny Lichtarchitektur