Alteration and renovation of a dentist’s office in Vienna’s 1st district, adaptation of the historical premises, design concept for the entrance area, waiting area and distribution zone, and consulting regarding the interior design of the x-ray room and treatment rooms.

BWM has turned a flat in a historical building in the heart of Vienna into a modern dentist’s office. At the same time, the flair of the original fin de siècle architecture was maintained. The entrance and waiting areas and the back office were completely remodelled and refurnished. The individual character of this office is a result of homey design elements such as wooden lamps, indirect lighting and special items of furniture. The front desk, which is both multifunctional and elegant, was designed in close cooperation with the client and makes optimal use of space with an integrated work station.




June 2017



BWM team

Markus Flägner, Kathrin Baumgartner


Tischlerei Kirchberger, Linz
Pluradent Austria

Photos: @ Christoph Panzer