Re-Design of the former Sacher Stüberl now Sacher Salon with elements of 1920s and 50s on 70 qm with seating for 40 guests

Following the redesign of the Sacher Eck at the end of 2017, BWM Architekten have now also redesigned the former Sacher Stube, now known as the Salon Sacher. The black and coral colour scheme and the 1920s and 1950s elements congenially complement one other. Arched globe lights highlight the bar’s role as a centrepiece, and tinted mirrors, black lines and metallic effects perfectly round off the overall look. The preserved stucco ceiling is an absolute eyecatcher: Previously hidden behind the dropped ceiling, this historic jewel was discovered in the course of the construction work. A large section of it is now displayed in all its splendour.



January 2019


Hotel Sacher Wien

BWM team

Aleš Košak, Ismail Berkel, Katharina Sickha


Executing architecture firm: Edelmueller Architektur
Light objects: Megumi Ito

Photos: © BWM Architekten / Severin Wurnig