Conversion of an existing Stiefelkönig shoe store within Vienna’s City Center into a shoe boutique .

following the slogan “tiny and classy”. The walls and the ceiling are covered by lively grained ash wood panels crisscrossed by light slots illuminating the space. The accessible 50m2 “shoebox” representing the smallest type of Stiefelkönig’s premises is a modern new interpretation of the classic wood paneled Inner City quality store. It is a mixture of traditional material and a trendy interior.



October 2004


Stiefelkönig Schuhhandels GmbH

BWM team

Susanne Thomanek, Thomas Duregger, Judith Eiblmayr, Robert Charuza


Photographer: Rupert Steiner

Graphic: PKP
Statics: DI Gerhard Hejkrlik Ziviltechniker GmbH
Service engineering: Technisches Büro Ing. Kurt Angermaier