Redesign of the existing flagship store designed by BWM architects 10 years before. The colour blue defines identity, unites all the elements of the shop and is also a perfect background for the products. To display the products the “laying instead of hanging” principle has been introduced. The floor, the presen- tation tables and all the other furniture except the cash desk become a unity in design and colour.

The red cash desk indicates customers the point of service. From the outside the huge store front made of glass is a signal all over the Mariahilfer Straße and gives an impression of identity and of the large dimension of the store.



September 2004


Herbert Turek

BWM team

Charlotte Schülke, Judith Moser, Denis Kosutic, Robert Charuza


Photographer: Alexander Koller, Christoph Panzer

HVAC: Angermaier Haustechnik
Statics: DI Gerhard Hejkrlik
Light design: XAL GmbH
Graphics: section.d - design communication gmbH