Conversion and extension and refurbishment of the foyer and exhibition hall of the Vienna Museum built in 1959. The foyer planned by the architect Oswald Haerdtl has been cleared from a mix of different forms of utilization. The removal of one pilaster has created a link to the staircase. The central element of the clearly organized space is a room-filling piece of furniture including a cash register area and a museum shop. The study rooms, lecture hall and depots on the first floor have been converted into easily adaptable rooms for special temporary exhibitions.



April 2006


Museen der Stadt Wien

BWM team

Paul Petritsch, Willi Fürst, Roland Graf, Liz Zimmermann


Statics: Gmeiner-Haferl Zivilingenieure ZT GmbH

Construction supervision: Freudensprung Engineering

Acoustic: DI Walter Prause

Photo credits: Hertha Hurnaus, Alexander Koller