Renovation and redesign of the foyer and exhibition area in the Wien museum built in 1959. The Haerdtl’sche foyer has been freed from a vast mix of uses, and the elimination of a pilaster created a connection to the staircase. A spacious piece of furniture with checkout area and museum shop create the central element of the now clear organized space. The reconfiguration of the hall and depositary create a special showroom that can can easily be adapted for altering exhibitions.



April 2006


Museen der Stadt Wien

BWM team

Paul Petritsch, Willi Fürst, Roland Graf, Liz Zimmermann


Statics: Gmeiner-Haferl Zivilingenieure ZT GmbH

Service engineering: Freudensprung Engineering

Acoustic: Müller-BBM GmbH

Photographer: Hertha Hurnaus, Alexander Koller