Competition project for a 145-unit residential quarter consisting of several buildings and open spaces on the outskirts of Dresden

In 2018 BWM Architekten won a prominent invited competition for a new urban quarter near Hagedornplatz in Dresden. This residential project represents the first stage of the future area called “Wissenschaftsstandort Dresden Ost”.

The area is located east of the city centre and is characterised by both commercial and residential uses. The future Wissenschaftsstandort Dresden Ost will transform the character of the area sustainably. The new neighbourhood with its socio-spatial and everyday categories will add more urban qualities to Hagedornplatz and Reicker Strasse. Reicker Strasse should no longer be seen mainly as an access road leading into and out of the city, but as a prime address!

The design is an interpretation and further development of the typical cube houses that make up the urban fabric of the Striesen district. Linked point buildings frame the open spaces, creating differentiated outdoor areas with varying degrees of privacy. Balconies – and the so-called “dancing tree houses”, which serve as balconies – break up the rigidity of the simple building and give the architecture in the courtyards a sense of playfulness and lightness. The façades facing the street have a clear-cut structure, the severity of which is relaxed by seemingly randomly placed golden façade elements. The buildings are clad in the typical local bricks in different shades to underline the individuality of the houses.



June 2018


castello project GmbH

BWM team

Alexandra Stage, Massimiliano Marian


Heidi Pretterhofer
Visualisation: Tobias Colz