Interior and color design of the employee areas in the new Wiener Stadtwerke building in Erdberg. Graphic elements decorate the hallways, that illustrate the company‘s logistic-functions. The employee‘s kitchen is located as extension at the end of the corridor. These are all kept in green, a color that represents sustainability, nature, recreation and freshness. As contrast the offices are colored in a light grey. The executive floor stands out with it‘s white coloring.




January 2011


Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG

BWM team

Markus Kaplan, Rita Guggenberger, Elena Romagnoli, Sanja Utech


Light designer: Designbüro Christian Ploderer GmbH

Graphics: Perndl+Co Design GmbH

Indoor greening: DI Dr. Karin Standler + DI Liz Zimmermann, Technische Büros für Landschaftsplanung

Photo credits: Christoph Panzer, Maik Perfahl