Outdoor measures along a wind farm with a footpath at an altitude of 1600m

After winning the competition for the outdoor measures at Pretul wind farm (Upper Styria) of the Austrian Federal Forestry Office, individual parts of BWM’s concept are being implemented: The first phase involves the construction of a natural footbridge through the Schwarzriegelmoos in 2018, and in the next phase, an outdoor information sculpture will be built near the wind farm in 2019. The almost archaic treatment of the information on wind energy is illustrated by means of simple comparative moments and focuses on the awe-inspiring difference in size between humans and wind turbines. An arc is also created with the high-tech nature of the energy-generating wind farm. BWM Architekten set great store by using natural raw materials that are easy to maintain.



October 2018


Windpark Pretul BetriebsGmbH

BWM team

Gerhard Girsch, Clemens Hörl
Massimiliano Marian (competition)


Curator: Christian Gissing (freiland Umweltconsulting)
Technical curator: Rapp + Wimberger
Graphic designer: Perndl+Co

Photos: © Öbf / R. Leitner