New construction of a courtyard building as well as sensitive restoration and attic buildings-in within the Biedermeier area under historical preservation. In the courtyard an existing small apartment building situated along the firewall has been replaced by a five-storey residential construction. By consciously inserting a non historicing massive façade a reference/connection to the existing buildings has been established. The courtyard enclosure appears as a unified building  creating a smooth transition between old and new. The courtyard and back façade form a green belt, a „curtain“ and green area with a specific background sound: rustling of leaves and a fountain creating a calm courtyard atmosphere.



March 2009


MEG Andreasgasse 5

BWM team

Markus Kaplan, Nicoletta Krudl


Photos: JP Immobiliengruppe/Photographer: Andreas Nielson

Statics: DI Gerhard Hejkrlik
Building physics: Architekt Zörrer & Lotz
Service engineering: PME - Technisches Büro für Klimatechnik GesmbH
Construction management: Dipl.-Ing. Rollwagen Architektur und Bauprojektmanagement ZT GmbH
Landscape architect: idealice