Design of fair stands for the lighting manufacturer XAL at the Light Fair New York 2003 and the Light + Building Frankfurt 2004, 2006 and 2008: presentation and communication areas as illuminated textile shells and light cubes as well as space-creating and floating lighting elements that can be influenced by visitors make the close relationship between space, colour and light visible. Implementation of a representative showroom in the city center of Vienna including the redesign of an existing storefront conveying the lighting competence of XAL from the inside to the outside.

Light Fair New York 2003, Light + Building Frankfurt 2004, Light + Building Frankfurt 2006, Light + Building Frankfurt 2008, XAL Showroom Vienna 1




January 2008


XAL - Xenon Architectural Lighting

BWM team

Markus Kaplan, Christoph Panzer, Roland Graf, Gabriele Bruner, Judith Eiblmayr, Yvonne Deyzac, Natalie Neu- bauer, Sina Tahayori


Photos: XAL

Fair construction: XAL