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Marktgasse 58
Marktgasse 58
Marktgasse 58
Marktgasse 58
Marktgasse 58

This conversion of a vacant shop adapts naturally to the conditions. In order to open up the space, a part of the ceiling was torn out and a light metal staircase installed. This measure creates greater dynamics in the front shop area, where the street-side entrance is located. All surfaces are white: from the walls and the ceiling through to the metal stairs. High-gloss white paint was applied to the ceiling, making it appear higher and the room larger. The premises will continue to be used for commercial purposes.

Conversion and renovation of a vacant 87m2 shop, including installation of a small bathroom and kitchenette

Completion 04/2018

Austria Vienna

Ermione Immobilieninvest GmbH

BWM Team
Markus Flägner (PM), Marlene Gesierich (PL), Martina Lehner, Massimiliano Marian

Image credit
Christoph Panzer


General contractor
house-worker Bau- und Handels-GmbH