Architectural design for the exhibition on the work of Bogdan Bogdanović, the former Yugoslavian architect of monuments and writer. Between 1951 and 1981 Bogdanović realised monuments for the victims of fascism in former Yugoslavia. His poetic-surrealist approach found particularly expression in the well-known flower of Jasenovac standing at the site of a former concentration camp. In the brick vault of the Architektur Zentrum Wien (AZW) an elegant „ floating exhibition“ takes Bogdanović’s work into account by symbolizing the fragility of human existence.



March 2009


Architekturzentrum Wien

BWM team

Christoph Panzer


Graphics: Gabriele Lenz – Büro für visuelle Gestaltung

Curators: Ivan Ristic, Monika Platzer

Photo credits: Christoph Panzer