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Areal Buchberg
Areal Buchberg
Areal Buchberg
Areal Buchberg
Areal Buchberg
Areal Buchberg

The so-called Areal Buchberg has a public park with a view across the deep-green Traunsee to Traunstein Mountain. A new campus will be built at the heart of this area.

The historic hunting lodge, which used to be a part of the former hospital, will be adapted to house the campus administration. Two new buildings will be erected parallel to it, one of which will house the classrooms and the other the students’ accommodation. A transparent passageway will connect these three buildings and form an axis to Traunstein Mountain. The views of the lake and the Alps will create a sense of being connected with the surroundings.

The heritage-protected buildings in the south section of the site will be adapted for aging in place and complemented by a new building. Subsidised housing will be erected in the northern part of the site as well as terraced houses, which will create a seamless transition to the single-family structures beyond the site’s boundaries.

Demolition of the old 1970s building; creation of four areas: campus consisting of two new buildings and heritage-protected old building; aging in place; subsidised housing; terraced houses.

Completion Neues Forstliches Bildungszentrum Traunkirchen

Gemeinnütziges Wohnungsunternehmen "Riedenhof" Gesellschaft m.b.H.

BWM Team
Michal, Jiskra (PL), Peter Foschi, Marlene Gesierich, Georg Heinrich, Michael Koecher, Lenka Rozsivalova, Alexandra Stage, Massimiliano Marian


External collaboration
Liz Zimmermann, Katja Simma