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ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs am See

BWM Architekten steer clear of common Tyrolean clichés and take full consideration of the spectacular surroundings as they successively renovate and reposition the distinguished Entners am See hotel.

Hotel Entners am See boasts an exceptional location right by Lake Achen and surrounded by the Karwendel mountains. Because it is nestled between the magnificent peaks in the west and the clear water of Tyrol’s largest lake in the east, the views and the light conditions in the hotel’s 40 rooms are extremely varied. BWM Architekten’s aim is to work with these conditions to bring out the best in the hotel.

Let there be light

“The ‘Achensee’ rooms face the lake, meaning that they have less natural light to begin with,” says BWM interior designer Aleš Košak. “On top of that, they are also narrower and stretch further into the centre of the building.” For this reason, BWM Architekten chose darker colours and materials to amplify the scant natural light entering these lake-view rooms. “This is a technique that the Nordic countries have been using for some time, ” Košak explains. The sunnier, mountain-facing “Alpin” rooms are broader and less deep. BWM employed a Mediterranean technique for the interior of these rooms and used light colours.

Into nature

Guests access the long, narrow lake-view rooms through an antechamber with a separate toilet. They then pass a vanity station before entering the sleeping area, then the lounge and finally the balcony. A variety of materials, such as the dark green tiled floor of the vanity station and the dark plank flooring in the sleeping and lounge areas, distinguish the areas from one another and highlight the sequence of spaces. The dark green tiles, walls and ceilings create a visual link to the lake. The view of the lake can best be enjoyed from the bed, which is somewhat higher than conventional beds and faces the window. Local materials such as green stone and dark marble visually draw the surrounding nature into the building.

The rooms facing the Karwendel mountains are broader and sunnier than the lake-view rooms. Guests access them through a kind of antechamber that includes a coat rack, bathroom, vanity station and separate toilet. The lounge and sleeping area are next to each other. Local materials create a visual and haptic link to the natural surroundings within the rooms.

Refuge from the elements

While emerald green, dark wood and brass are the dominant colours in the rooms facing the lake, the rooms facing the mountain are characterised by bluish rock grey, light wood, black and cognac. “In both cases, the aim is to create a warm, fireside-like atmosphere that ensures cosiness and a sense of wellbeing in the rooms, even if guests stay indoors for longer periods of time owing to the weather conditions,” explains BWM architect Erich Bernard. The corridors and hallways follow the same theme. The original terracotta staircase, for instance, is extended in the form of black and white wallpaper featuring a mountain motif and a carpet in shades of grey. Generally speaking, the aim is to create a “place full of spaces” that conveys a sense of homeliness on the one hand, while providing elements of tension scattered throughout the hotel on the other. “The successive renovation process means that the hotel changes from year to year, so even returning guests will discover something new,” says Bernard.

More than multifunctional

The former 480m2“Seediele” hotel disco was also redesigned and transformed into a space that can be used for various purposes and events ranging from conferences to weddings. “The aim here was not to avoid creating an atmosphere, but the exact opposite. Its atmosphere is what makes it suitable even for festive events,” Bernard explains. To achieve this, BWM Architekten again created a kind of fireside and library ambience, conveying warmth and cosiness. The two supporting columns in this space were not hidden, but rather integrated, and a long lectern facilitates discussions and communication, while flowing curtains allow the space to be divided into smaller units. The colours of Lake Achen are echoed in the green-blue carpets and the reflective ceiling.

Auf den See abgestimmt

Der neue Spa erstreckt sich über drei Niveaus des Hauses, entsprechend abgestuft ist auch das Design, das Charakter und Tonalität des Achensees widerspiegelt. Vom Erdgeschoss aufwärts sind die Räume farblich abgestimmt und werden, ganz wie der See, nach oben hin immer heller. Der Poolbereich, zuunterst gelegen, ist als dunkle „Höhle“ konzipiert, mit Lichtakzenten auf einzelnen Objekten sowie einer „schwimmenden Wand“ als Hingucker am Ende des von innen bestrahlten Edelstahlbeckens. Im Saunabereich wird bereits mit mehr natürlichem Licht gearbeitet, der Atmosphäre ist hier lounge-artiger. Eine Zweiteilung des Raumes erfolgt akustisch durch eine Glas- und visuell durch eine Lamellenwand aus Eichenholz. Auch in den vier Behandlungsbereichen sorgen helles Eichenholz, Nischen aus hellem Stein sowie leichte, graue Vorhänge für entspannendes und zugleich gediegenes Ambiente. Die Dachterrasse, mit Bar, ist naturgemäß der hellste Bereich – hier geben kreisförmig angelegte Ruheliegen den Blick, je nach Wunsch und Sonneneinfall, frei auf Bergwelt und See. Für kühlere Tage sitzt man rund um eine Feuerschale auf bequemen Lounge-Möbeln. Warmes Eichenholz kombiniert mit passend abgestuften Grautönen sowie Akzenten in Erdfarben wie Braun und Orange vermitteln durchgängig Ruhe und Behaglichkeit. Abgetrennte Sitz- und Liegebereiche wurden in allen Geschossen integriert.

Repositioning in terms of design; design, final planning and renovation/alteration of the entire complex of Hotel ENTNERs am See in Pertisau am Achensee

Completion 06/2021

Pertisau am Achensee

Entners KG

BWM Team
Erich Bernard, Aleš Košak, Nadine Elisabeth Albenberger, Daniela Dollack, Fridolin Öhlinger, Greta Moso

Image credit
ENTNERs am See
ENTNERs / Lars Hammesfahr
ENTNERs / Andreas Pollok


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