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harry's home
harry's home
harry's home
harry's home
harry's home

In 2006 the Innsbruck-based, family-run chain harry’s home hotels & apartments opened its first hotel in Graz. Its concept is geared towards the moden trend of individualisation, with the goal being to provide guests with a homey hotel experience when travelling, with flexible configuration options, in line with the motto of “Create Your Stay”. harry’s home now already operates 13 locations (as of springl 2023) throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Since 2019, bwm retail, in collaboration with BWM Designers & Architects, have been responsible for the interior design concept at all of the chain’s new locations. In April 2023 the first hotel boasting the new look was launched in Villach, followed by Berlin, which has been open since the beginning of May.

“Feel at home wherever you are” is the guiding concept behind BWM’s design. They developed a cosy living-room atmosphere that can be flexibly adapted to guests’ unique needs.

In line with the basic idea of meeting guests on equal terms, the back-of-house areas are integrated in the lobby. The common table serves as a reception desk and, in Berlin for example, smoothly transitions into a bar. The kitchen is incorporated into the breakfast area and, like at home, the buffet and the cooking area are combined in one, so that guests can literally watch the freshly baked cake coming out of the oven.

The colour scheme is based on the harry’s home corporate identity and uses and adapts their distinctive green, for instance in the wall designs, in the small furniture pieces and textiles, as well as in the natural greenery in the conservatory.

The living-room ambience also dominates the two different room types. The “green rooms” have a kitchen, making them ideal for long stays, while the “blue rooms” are more suited to short (business) trips. The rooms range in size from 21m2 to 41m2 and feature cosy materials like wood and homey fabrics. By flexibly connecting rooms, guests can create space for family and friends. The small-format tiles used throughout the design concept form a common thread – from the black and white tiles in the lobby, to the blue or green tiles (depending on the room type) in the bathrooms and vestibules.

Development and realisation/rollout of a new interior design concept for various locations in Europe with different target groups and number of rooms (90 to 120)


BWM Team

Projekte Berlin, Villach, Lienz
Andras Klopfer, Markus Kaplan, Ulrike Salchegger-Maidic, Nadja Cvrcek

Projekt Berlin weiters
Christiane Geymayer, Mareike Kuchenbecker, Ismail Berkel

Image credit
harry‘s home / Daniel Zangerl


Interior design
bwmretail in collaboration with BWM Designers & Architects

Pirol ZT

Interior (external collaborator)
Mareike Kuchenbecker (for Berlin)

guidance system
Gabriele Bruner


26 May 2023

Harry's Home in Berlin & Villach


6 May 2023

harry’s home Berlin im Herzen der Hauptstadt eröffnet


5 May 2023

harry’s home wächst in Berlin


3 May 2023

Harry’s Home geht mit zwölftem Haus an den Start

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24 April 2023

Harry’s Home eröffnet erstes Haus in Kärnten

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24 April 2023

Neueröffnung: harry's home in Kärnten

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