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Hotel in the Alps
Hotel in the Alps
Hotel in the Alps
Hotel in the Alps

An old mountain hut at 1800m above sea level, is to be converted into a modern wellness residence. The proposal of BWM Architekten combines the idea of a mountain residence, or rather a green hotel, with the Alpine tradition and the comforts and atmosphere of a modern lifestyle and the highest ecological standards. A four-storey walk-in tiled stove, moonlighting as an identity-defining sculpture, forms the heart, the atmospheric epicentre, of the building. The rooms and suites fulfil all manner of needs, offering possibilities of retreat for people desiring solitude, as well as cosy meeting areas for more sociable occasions. The building clearly falls in with the local Alpine building traditions, both in terms of the basic concept of a converted “Schutzhütte” and of the choice of materials, namely wood and stone.

Concept and planning of a luxury hotel in the Alps.

Competition 01/2013


BWM Team
Peter Foschi, Michael Köcher, Massimiliano Marian