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Otto-Bauer-Gasse 22, Vienna
Otto-Bauer-Gasse 22, Vienna
Otto-Bauer-Gasse 22, Vienna

The principle of horizontal structuring defining the front and the backside unifies the building located within the densely populated 6th district in Vienna.

Narrow balcony-like elements have been gained that can be used for individual planting. They carry integrated mobile sun protection elements enabling residents to adjust daylight moods if needed. This plastic and vivid façade reflects life in the building to the outside while at the same time creating a noticeable point within Vienna’s city center.

Completion 03/2011

PARK Immobilien AG

BWM Team
Ferdinand Bischofter, Sonja Ambrosch

Image credit
Christoph Panzer


Implementation planning
U.M.A. Architektur-Ziviltechniker GmbH

DI Erich Leschetizky

Service engineering
Raab Engineering GmbH

Tilz & Partner Bauconsult GmbH

Construction engineering
Leyrer + Graf Baugesellschaft mbH