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BWM Architekten have won a EU-wide competition looking for a general planner for the Austrian history museum Haus der Geschichte Österreich. Following decades of deliberations and discussions, this museum will nally be realised in cooperation with the Austrian National Library within the walls of the so-called “New Castle” on Heldenplatz Square.

A modern “history lab” forms the heart of BWM Architekten’s design. This interactive lab will provide a varied, dis- cursive setting for visitors to take in in- formation and explore topics relating to Austria’s history. The new museum will be integrated in the historic, monument- protected ambience of the “New Castle” using a layering process.

Competition 07/2017

Austrian National Library

BWM Team
Johann Moser
Massimiliano Marian
Roland Stöttner


Sanja Utech (koerdtutech)

Irina Koerdt (koerdtutech)

Gerhard Bauer (Perndl&Co)

Ingo Zirngibl (jangled nerves)

Marcus Gross (jangled nerves)


25 October 2017

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Haus der Geschichte Österreich